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CIHW – Community Radio Station of the Huronne-Wendat Nation based in Wendake, Quebec, Canada

CIHW Community Radio Station of Wendake, Quebec Canada has been broadcasting since 2005 for the Huron-Wendat Nation at Bingo Wendake and broadcasts sports and music on 100.3 FM as well as news, weather forecasting, and cultural programs in both Wendat and French languages. As of February 2017, there had been 107 visitors (checkins) and 7656 likes on Facebook for this station.

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CIHW (Canadian Institute of Huronne-Wendats) is a radio station operating from Wendake, Quebec, Canada on 100.3 FM and offering news, weather forecasting and cultural programming as well as sports/music programming in both Wendat and French languages.

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CIHW-FM, owned and operated by the Huron-Wendat Nation in Wendake enclave of First Nation land near Quebec City. Broadcasting on 100.3 FM, it features news, weather and cultural programming in Wendat as well as French. Furthermore, sports events and community programming are produced.

Attraction: It has received 107 visitors (checkins), as well as 7656 likes on Facebook. Located at 100 Boulevard Bastien in Village-Des-Hurons Quebec G0A 4V0 it offers a cozy and welcoming ambiance for anyone visiting.

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CIHW-FM serves as the community radio of Wendake by broadcasting sporting and musical broadcasts in Wendake’s residential enclave of Nation Huron-Wendat within Quebec City using an FM transmission system.

Luck can be defined as any game which requires skill and knowledge in order to win, such as bingo in Canada where it has become one of the most beloved pastimes among adults and children alike.

Game of Strategy Bingo Wendake

Bingo Wendake cannot replace or refund products purchased in an improper order; therefore it is your responsibility to ensure your cards remain undamaged or intact upon delivery of each product. Bingo Wendake cannot provide replacement cards in case any cards go missing during delivery; you are fully responsible for looking after and replacing all purchased cards at your own cost and responsibility.

CIHW is a community radio station owned and operated by the Huron-Wendat Nation at Wendake in Quebec City, broadcasting on 100.3 FM to offer news, weather, and cultural programming in both Huron and French languages.

Bingo Wendake requires that all winners accept that their name, origin, and lot are made public either over radio broadcasts, online media channels such as Facebook or television advertising spots or through public relations campaigns; this disclosure may or may not take place; the choice lies with each winner individually.

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