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Top Slot Games to Play at Online Casinos: Features and Thrills

In the late 19th century, the American public was introduced to a brand new gambling device. A machine, with a lever, that when pulled caused reels to spin to various outcomes. The so-called slot machine became a huge hit, and pretty soon, bars all over the country had their very own version. Nowadays, the slot machine is a staple of every casino, as it is by far the most popular gambling game in the world.

In the late 20th century, almost a full 100 years after the invention of the slot machine, Microgaming put out their first ever “online slot.” For those who don’t know, online slots are games that you can access through a website or a software. These games offer the same exciting fun as any land-based fruit machine, with the added benefit that it brings the slot right to your home.

In 2023, online gambling has become an incredibly popular hobby. In fact, in just over two decades, online slots have begun generating billions of dollars annually. And with more and more gamblers looking to play slot games online, the industry will likely continue to grow in the future. Which means, there are likely going to be a plethora of newbies who don’t know where to start. So, for their sake, in this article, we would like to go over five slot games, with excellent themes, features, and gameplay.

Sea Treasures

Dragon Gaming’s ocean-themed slot Sea Treasures is the first game we are going to cover on our list. Sub-nautical slots have truly begun to gain attention recently, and for good reason. The ocean is certainly a vast place, full of wonder and excitement. So, it is no surprise that slots like Sea Treasures are growing in popularity.

However, what sets Sea Treasures apart from the rest is the incredible work that Dragon Gaming put into making this slot one of the best. The design team truly went above and beyond, giving each symbol on the reel a unique personality. Whether it be the standard symbols (10, J, Q, K, and A), or the unique symbols, each of them have their own aesthetic that will keep you engaged.

Another thing that sets Sea Treasures apart from its peers is the special features that make the game worth playing. Such as the treasure chest feature. During a free spins game, players can get a treasure chest on the board. If the player manages to open the treasure chest through playing, they can win as much as a x15 multiplier, and reap a greater reward.

The multipliers, paired with the free spin bonus, and the excellent theme all make Sea Treasures one of the best slots available right now. And with exciting gameplay, there is very little more that fans of slots can ask for.

Reels and Wheels XL

While ocean-themed slots have certainly garnered popularity, some things just never go out of style. Such is the case with the classic, Las Vegas-themed slots like Woohoo’s Reels and Wheels XL. Rather than attempt to woo the player with fancy themes, Reels and Wheels XL goes right down to the nitty gritty.

A simple 3×5 reel fruit machine which transports the player back to the glory days of Sin City. The Reels and Wheels XL slot will certainly make you feel like you are sitting in the casinos with gambling legends like Doyle Brunson, who recently passed away at age 89.

But a classic Las Vegas atmosphere is not all that Reels and Wheels XL has going for it. Many fans will appreciate the jackpot wheel. Whenever players spin the bonus wheel, there is a good chance that you will land on the “jackpot” slot. If that happens, you’ve triggered the progressive jackpot. And in this game, the progressive jackpot can payout as much as $1.000.000.

Lucky Catch

Another of the extremely popular and beloved marine slots. Lucky Catch takes it a step further than Sea Treasures, entirely eliminating the standard slot symbols. All symbols in the game are entirely unique, whether those be the cute, big-eyes yellow puffer fish, or the cute, purple octopuses. And they all pay out a relatively hefty sum.

However, unique and original symbols and a good ocean theme are not enough to keep the audience engaged. So, luckily, Lucky Catch also comes with a pretty hefty maximum bet of around 20,000 x your own bet. Not only that, but the game can appeal to seasoned gamblers as well as newbies. With a maximum bet of $62 and a minimum bet of only a quarter, Lucky Catch is great no matter how familiar you are with the world of slots.

On top of that, there are multiple features that improve gameplay. For example, a Free Games feature, which you can trigger multiple times per game. During the free game bonus round, Wild symbols appear spontaneously on the reel, and in doing so significantly improve the player’s chances of victory. There is also the random prize award, which the player can trigger, well, randomly.

Real Time Gaming is the studio behind Lucky Catch, and they have a long and storied history with the iGaming industry. The game developer studio has produced some of the best and most beloved slots in the world. So, if you are curious, give Lucky Catch a spin.

Blazin’ Buffalo

We move from the ocean to the prairie, as we take a look at the next slot on our list, Blazin’ Buffalo. This high intensity game, brought to you by Rival Gaming, takes place in the American outlands, where the raging buffalo stomps through the wild, as all other animals move out of its way.

Aesthetically speaking, the game is gorgeous. With animal-inspired unique symbols, such as a gray wolf, a mountain goat, and a bear. Some may wonder: “But where is the Buffalo?” And you do indeed get the buffalo in the form of a wild symbol. When you land on the BLAZIN’ BUFFALO symbol, you get to pick up three or more free spins, depending on how many symbols you’ve accumulated.

A wonderful aesthetic is not all this game has going for it. With a minimum bet as low as $0.01, Blazin’ Buffalo will appeal to even the lowest of low-risk gamblers. Seasoned gamblers need not be disappointed, as they can bet up to $125, and win a prize of 2500 coins.

The Blazin’ Buffalo slot first released in 2015, and now, eight years later, it still remains one of Rival Gaming’s most beloved, highly-rated, and frequently played online slots. If that isn’t a testament to quality, we don’t know what is.

Faerie Spells

One of the most popular themes among online slots is fantasy. And thus far, we’ve not looked at a single fantasy-themed slot. So, this final game we are examining is just that. The Faerie Spells slot, released by BetSoft, takes the players on a journey through a magical wonderland. The classic slot symbols have all been given an ancient, mystical twist, and unique symbols depicting some of the most popular mythical creatures populate the board as well.

Apart from the lovely aesthetic, Faerie Spells also brings some fantastic gameplay elements to the table. The above-average RTP of 96.03% pairs well with a medium volatility, so players can expect relatively frequent (though not too frequent) payouts. Some might find the fact that there are only ten winning paylines does not sit right with them. However, the high RTP and medium variance levels more than make up for that issue.

It is worth noting that Faerie Spells will likely not appeal to many high-stake gamblers. The maximum bet sits at a comfortable $10, and with a maximum win of barely over 12,000, some high-risk/high-reward players might be disappointed. That being said, the game is an excellent starting point for newbies, and an excellent choice for casual gamblers who are just looking for some fun. It is not at all surprising that the game is one of BetSoft’s fan favorites.


The five games listed in this article are all an excellent choice. We hope that this dive into each individual slot has helped you make your mind up about which one you want to try out. All of them are excellent. However, some might suit your preferred playstyle better than others. So, go through our list one more time, and decide which one seems best for you. And if they all entice you, then try them out. You certainly will not be disappointed.

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